Colour Chart

Not sure on a shade? Don't worry! Simply email us a few photos of your hair to - be sure to use natural lighting with no flash! One of our colour experts will reply with a recommendation within 6-24 hours!
PLEASE NOTE: Colours can vary slightly from product to product, please see the specific product page you are purchasing from to get an accurate image

A cool black with blue undertones, perfect for ladies with dyed black hair. 

A natural black with warm undertones, perfect for ladies with naturally black hair. 

Our most popular shade for Brunettes, this is our darkest brown shade. A natural rich chocolate dark brown, perfect for natural Brunettes. 

A medium Brunette shade with warm undertones.

A light shade of Brunette, perfect for ladies with natural 'mousey' brown hair. 

A combination of our shades 'Nutella' and 'Caramel', creating a rich two toned shade. Perfect for Brunette's with natural highlights.

Somewhere between Brown and Blonde, Bronde is a dark rich caramel tone. 

Combining our "Bronde" shade with our "Vanilla Blonde" shade, this mix creates a stunning ash sunkissed look.

A dark Blonde shade with an ash undertone. 

A dark Blonde shade with a golden undertone, a warm version of 'Caramel'. 

Our most popular shade. A caramel blonde with Vanilla Blonde highlights. Perfect for foiled Blondes. 

A single tone, golden medium Blonde.
A bleach Blonde shade. This is a single colour of bright blonde. Not quite 'white' or 'platinum', it still has some depth and warmth.
A creamy platinum Blonde. Our lightest blonde shade along with Pearl Blonde. While not quite a crisp 'white', it can be toned to be brought up to a level for those with very white hair.
Our ultimate new shade for pale Blondes. Similar to our Blonde Bombshell, but toned down to a stunning ash cool platinum blonde. 
The name speaks for itself! A gorgeous magical silver shade, very flattering to all skin tones, and so on trend right now. 

A deep, rich burgundy shade.

Our lightest ombre shade. A buttery biscuity blend of a medium Caramel fading into our super creamy Blonde Bombshell. A very natural ombre shade for Blondes.

A darker Ombre shade. This shade is a very light toffee brown fading into a combination of our Sandy Blonde and Blonde Bombshell. This creates a gorgeous natural sun kissed look, hence it's name!

A sweet combination of chocolate and caramel goodness. This shade features a Medium Chocolate Brown fading into a Caramel shade. Our most popular Brunette Ombre shade.

A very natural Brunette shade of ombre. Our Dark Chocolate shade fading into our light Toffee Brown shade. 

Turn heads in our new on-trend Ombre shade. It combines our Warm Black fading into our new Sterling Silver. You can create a unique look without having to touch your natural black hair and cause any damage.

A gorgeous and unique Ombre colour. Our Warm Black shade fading into our rich Red Wine shade.

Stand out and rock Kylie Jenner's signature look, with our Kylie Ombre shade. Our Warm Black fading into a stunning Teal shade. 


A foiled ombre shade featuring our #1B Warm Black fading into a foiled combination of medium brown and caramel. 



Similar to Burnt Toffee, but instead of Dark Chocolate fading into a warm light brown, it fades into a toned version - a cool toned ash light brown. 



A beautiful foiled ombre shade, featuring Nutella - a warm medium brown fading into a foiled combination of the same shade highlighted with Caramel Blonde.



Our extremely popular shade Frosted Mix, with a bit of Dark Chocolate root to enable perfect blending for ladies with regrowth.





 A very light ash brown fading into a caramel blonde. 



A very light ash brown fading into a buttery foiled mix of Vanilla Blonde and Caramel. Talk about dreamy! A perfect way for medium to dark Blondes to add some summery highlights without even touching the bleach!



Fast becoming our best selling Blonde! This is a beautiful ashy blend of Pearl Blonde and toned down Caramel, creating the DREAM blonde for foiled Blondes!